It is interesting to know the comparison between Walrus vs Polar Bear.

… Pinnipeds are carnivores that have adapted to an amphibious marine existence.

Male Pacific walruses weigh about 800 to 1,700 kg (1,764-3,748 lb.)


Take a deep dive and learn all about the walrus - from what they like to eat to how they care for their young. Length ranges from 2.2 to 3.6 m (7.2–12 ft). Elephant seals dive to 1,550 m (5,090 ft) beneath the ocean's surface (the deepest recorded dive of an elephant seal is 2,388 m (7,835 ft) by a southern elephant seal, while the record for the northern elephant seal is 1,735 m (5,692 ft)).

The … Seals, Sea Lions, and Walrus: Pinnipeds. The walrus' body shape shares features with both sea lions (eared seals: Otariidae) and seals (true seals: Phocidae).

Let’s sort out the taxonomy first.

Weighing around a ton, walruses clearly have more body fat than sea-lions. Although they are both carnivorous, the sea lion prefers squid, miniscule fish and sea birds compared to the walrus’ diet of clams, crabs, and mollusks. The newly born walrus weigh ranges from 100 to 165 lbs which 45 to 75 kg. Walruses and sea-lions have several differences regarding their diet, appearances, and personalities.

Sea lions’ flippers have no hair or claws so that they can more easily grip the surface of rocks, and many of their mating areas are on rocky terrain. It is the second largest pinniped, after the elephant seals. Also, sea lions are just plain noisy, whereas seals are a bit quieter. Scientific Name: Phocidae spp (seals), and Otariidae spp (fur seals and sea lions) Common Name(s): Seals, fur seals, sea lions Basic Animal Group: Mammal Size: Range from 4–13 feet long Weight: Range between 85–4,000 pounds Lifespan: 30 years Diet: Carnivore Habitat: Polar, temperate, and tropical seas Population: Unknown, but in the hundreds of millions Size. Both seals and sea lions are described in the taxonomic order Pinnipedia, a grouping of carnivorous marine mammals that includes 20 genera and 31 species of seals, sea lions, and walruses. Sea lions and fur seals belong to the group of eared seals, that have external ear flaps.

They also have large front flippers and walk with all four flippers under their bodies. Walrus vs Polar Bear fight comparison- Who will win?

VINTAGE WALRUS SEA Lion Figure | Soapstone | Signed Paniptchuk Alaska | 1986 - $4.49. The Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses Teacher’s Guide for grades K–3 was developed at SeaWorld to help you teach your students—in an active, hands-on way—about ... Pacific walrus Odobenus rosmarus divergens size: Male to 3.6 m (11.8 ft.) and to 1,900 kg (4,189 lb.)

They can hold their breath for more than 100 minutes – longer than any other noncetacean mammal. Elephant seals spend up to 80% of their lives in the ocean. The most notable anatomical differences are the ears and the flippers. But seals and sea lions are in different taxonomical families owing to some key anatomical differences. Sea lions can only dive as deep as 450m, but dives further than 200 are uncommon, and they can’t store as much oxygen in their lungs as seals can. They forage at sea but most come ashore or onto ice at some time of the year to mate, give birth, suckle their young, or to molt. Size is approximately 1.5” wide x 1.5” deep x 1.625” tall. and are about 2.7 to 3.6 m (9-12 ft.) long.

Walrus are the largest pinnipeds, with some males registering over 3,000 pounds. Very cool little walrus or sea lion sculpture. The five years old female walrus can mate with the male walrus and it survives about 40 years. Steller sea lions are the largest in the family.