A werewolf can shift to any of its three alternate forms as a move action. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) Races. A slain werewolf reverts to its humanoid form, although it remains dead. Of those, 180 titles include “vampire” in them and 21 include “werewolf.” Some are presented as race options, some as subclass options and others as wholly new classes. [5e][Race] | Elemental Werewolf | A Werewolf Race Empowered by the Elements. A battle with a werewolf has two main phases. The rules do have support for this, and if you have the 5e Monster Manual, you can read the rules for werewolf players in the sidebar under the Lycanthropes section (where all the "were-" monsters are listed). Infected werewolves transform during the full moon involuntarily. "Werewolf" is not a species, it's a species modifier. You simply roll up a normal humanoid character with class and all and then ask your dm if your can be a werewolf. The first phase is stalking—the werewolf stalks its prey before striking from surprise. The lore is slightly different, as they are less pure chaos and more elemental in nature. Werewolf race. Werewolf (5e Class) From D&D Wiki. He gave me the character concept for his character, a werewolf-like race empowered by chaotic energy. Custom Traits. The first phase is stalking—the werewolf stalks its prey before striking from surprise. From DDO wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Werewolf isn't a race technically. This week’s encounter is Werewolves on the Warpath, a frantic chase through an alpine forest that ensues when the characters stumble right into the middle of a werewolf hunting party.Their accidental interference allows the werebears to escape—but it puts the characters directly in the werewolves’ path.

If you wish to apply Lycanthropy to your custom race that does not have a subrace to be removed, use the following rules to apply it. Ability Score Increase. Due to the complete Moon rising high into the dark sky, it brightens the grounds, forests, and streams of the country.
If the werewolf is hunting with a pack of wolves, dire wolves, winter wolves, worgs, or other werewolves, catching a group of adventurers unawares might lead … Playing vampire and werewolf characters in 5E D&D further expands possibilities through third party products too.
This is the product of me wanting a more easily playable werewolf for a number of years (since 3.5e, in fact) that met a few criteria: A werewolf should be able to fight with their natural weapons, and not be worse off than if they were using manufactured weapons. I homebrewed it for him, and after a couple refinements I made this. A Dnd 5e Werewolf is a violent creature who can appear as a wolf, or in a frightening fusion type—a fierce and well-muscled human structure topped the head of a mad wolf.