Cory catfish are typical bottom feeders. Some high … Therefore, you are better placed with other catfish and pleco species like suckermouth cats … They eat by sucking up food with their mouth from the ground, sometimes digging so that half their face is buried. Also treat them once a week with frozen/thawed brine shrimp, bloodworms and daphnia. Platies, guppies… Besides their diet, Cory catfish are bottom feeders and will eat just about anything that falls to the bottom of the tank. Cory catfish diet consists of fish flakes, fish pellets, algae pellets, and algae. Cory catfish do eat algae and can help limit a small amount of it in your aquarium. They also enjoy eating plants, vegetables, and other foods that other fish … They are designed to be denser than the freshwater your Corys live in, so your Corys will be able to eat them when they sink to the bottom of the tank. They are natural omnivores, which means they will happily eat both plant and animal matter. This can include fish flakes and fish pellets, as well as bottom feeder pellets too. There they will happily scavenge on the food that finds its way to the bottom, without getting in the way of the larger fish and … However, they are the furthest thing there is from great algae eaters and only skim through the algae. What this means is that they like to dwell at the bottom of bodies of water.

Cory catfish can eat basic fish food like pellets, fish flakes, and bottom feeder tablets. The cory catfish diet includes various different types of food. The true answer is they eat a bit of everything. In the wild, this catfish would eat: small insects; worms; larvae from the substrate; A vegetable matter that has fallen into the water would also be eaten. Flakes, granules, dried bloodworms, algae discs. What Do Cory Catfish Eat? Most fish will eat everything I mentioned. What do Cory Catfish eat? One of the most common food choices for Corydoras Catfish are Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets. These fish are scavengers and they do often eat all sorts of leftovers, but their diet cannot consist of just this. I recommend feeding your Corys API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets, available on Amazon.