How to Catch Shad. Any of the rest of you fish tidal rivers that have white or hickory shad spawning runs in the spring? Shad take the cake, though: They have 3,000 bones, but their meat is so tasty their Latin name is sapidissima—"tastiest." George Washington was fond of the fish, and Thomas Jefferson always had it on his spring menus. These fish are extremely sensitive to cold water, and do better in states with warmer temperatures.

In recent studies, the oldest hickory shad in Maryland was nine years old. Can’t hurt, right? Maryland stocks between 2 and 10 million … Around here the most productive technique seems to be fairly They have also been introduced in many Texas lakes and rivers as a forage fish for larger sportfish species.
In the spring, shad school together to release massive amounts of eggs, with a single adult female releasing more than 200,000 eggs during the spawn.

Threadfin Shad (Dorsoma Petenense) Common Names: Hickory Shad. The Maryland state record hickory shad was captured in the Susquehanna River in 1972 and weighed 4 pounds. The hickory shad differs rather noticeably from the sea herring in that the point of origin of its dorsal fin is considerably in front of the mid-length of its trunk; in its deep belly (a hickory shad 13 ½ in.
The world’s greatest herring, its Latin name, Alosa sapidissima, means “the best shad to eat.” whole books have been dedicated to singing shad’s praises. deep but a herring of that length is only 3 in.

They're East Coast natives that are now found in abundance in the west, too. One thing that will make your shad fishing experience a much better one is to use a catch and release net that has rubber coated mesh. Other common shad, American, Hickory and Alabama, are migratory species that commonly invade freshwater estuaries or rivers to spawn, but live most of their lives in saltwater. I do know some guys, however, who swear that rubbing your jig on the side of a fish you just caught is the best way to “scent up” a lure. I remember trying to eat American shad years ago.

The jury’s still out on that one for me, but give ‘er a go if you like. long is about 4 in. If so, how do you fish for them? Proper Shad Nets. Range: Threadfin shad are native to the U.S. west of the Appalachian Mountains. Hickory shad have never been as abundant as other alosine species in the Chesapeake Bay, probably because they are near the northern limits of their spawning range. Shad are especially bony, but northern pike, pickerel, carp, herring, squawfish, mooneye, buffalofish and many other fish are also born with extra sets of bones. Hi folks Like the title line asks, does anyone here eat them? How are they? Making bait.