Warrior Cats OC generator; Who are you from Moonstar's Legacy? Silver/gray. :D Take this quiz!

She-cat. 1/10. Take this quiz! Which warrior cat are you? This quiz will show you which warriors cat character you are (from the warriors books by Erin Hunter)! Do you ever wonder what you would look like as a cat from the Warriors books? You have faith in your warriors and you defend your clan with your life. What's your favorite song Pick One! You are the deputy of Stormclan. Mysterious messages, Sun.

You can also use this as an inspiration for your Warrior Cats Original Character! Our online what warrior cat are you trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top what warrior cat are you … How would you describe yourself? Leader, Deputy, ect.) Are you a master of disguise? 8. Find out what position you'd been in the clan in the world of warrior cats!

Kind. Find out now with this fun quiz! Find out your cat, mate, kits, and life as a warrior cat. What your clan would be or the position you would play? What about Bramblestar or Squirrelflight? What you look like as a Warrior Cat. Have you ever wondered what you might be called if you were a warrior cat? Caring. Which warrior cat are you? Cat-ouflage, more like? White with patches of another color. What color pelt do you have? 1. Ask another cat to help you, and get the job done quicker. A comprehensive database of more than 22 what warrior cat are you quizzes online, test your knowledge with what warrior cat are you quiz questions.

You may be young, but you are understanding and kind. What warrior cat would fall in love with you (girls only quiz) into the wild. What Warrior Cat Loves You? I would stay put, my clan needs me more than my leader needs me.

What would you do if your leader was chased out of your territory? Autumn brownstone.


Will you get a purr-fect score? FIGHT FOR YOUR CLAN!!!! emily. You respect the leader, Skystar and will die for your clan. Have you ever thought about what kind of warrior you'd be if you had lived in the past? 1. ShadowClan. If you are a female you are a: Silverflower- A beautiful light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Which warrior cats are you. Tom-cat, duh im a boi. She-cats only! You... A rumor is going around that some cat has a crush on you. Enjoy! What do you do? Would you fit in with OceanClan? What character do you have? 6. Have fun! 1. Ginger.

Warrior Cats Role-Play Quiz; Is your Warrior Cats OC a Mary/Gary Sue? And, I'd love to hear what you get if you take it! Take the quiz and find out now! What you look like as a Warrior Cat. She-cat. 27. The questions you answer will be naming ones that will ak you what you will name your kit or new warrior! (Sound familiar?)

WindClan. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. The results you can get are: Firestar, Leafpool, Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Feathertail, and Crowfeather. Dark Brown. Image by Giphy. Are you a tom or a she-cat? Tabby Brown. On Apr 26, 2018. Are you more like Lionblaze or Twigbranch? Black, White, and Orange « » Log in or sign up.

You might be a little too quick to trust, but you are definitely a strong and worthy cat!

On Apr 26, 2018. Kind. What Warrior Cat are you? Have you ever wondered what significant cat from ThunderClan (sorry RiverClan peeps) you are in The Prophecies Begin? Hi, this was a lot of work. A basic question, sorry .

Created by Lucas Eekhof. What would you want to