Although they had been peaceful towards each other up until this point there was a high level of distrust on both sides. The second Punic war started when the Carthaginians were ordered by the Romans to surrender the Spanish city (Saguntum, which was allied to the Romans) Hannibal had captured (in 219 B.C. 15 Punic Wars (264-146 B.C.)

The Carthaginians under their great general Hannibal wanted to take revenge for the first Punic War and attack the Romans in Italy.

Hannibal attacked the city of Saguntum, which Rome claimed was its ally. These were the main reasons for the Punic Wars. ).

The Mid-Republic and the Punic Wars Before the Punic Wars, in the third century BC, Rome had control of all the Italian peninsula. The Third Punic War was entirely avoidable was caused by Rome taking advantage of Carthage while they were weak. The immediate cause of the Second Punic War was the decision by Hannibal — the main Carthaginian general at the time, and one of history’s most revered military commanders — to ignore the treaty between Carthage and Rome that “forbade” Carthage from expanding in …

Punic Wars the wars between Carthage and Rome The main cause of the Punic Wars from HIST 1001 at Louisiana State University Hannibal repeatedly stressed that he was not fighting to destroy Rome, but for 'honour and power', desiring to remove the limitations imposed on Carthage after the First War and reassert her dominance in the western Mediterranean. The PUNIC WARS! The main reasons for the Second or Hannibalic War were the ambition and pride of prominent military generals and a poorly configured political agreement. It was also a major naval power and it profited from trade in the Mediterranean sea. Carthage was already well-established, and Rome was growing in size and power. 3rd Punic War- Rome seizes Carthage ; ... but Rome wanted to invade and take over. Eventually they would find something that they don’t agree on. The First Punic War. Hannibal . Hannibal had frightened the Romans so much that many, led by Cato the Elder, demanded that Carthage be totally wiped out. RRome did not have a good navy ... 264-146 BC Carthage was a colony of the Phoenicians and controlled much of the island of Sicily Main cause of Punic Wars was ... | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view .

Third Punic War: 149-146BC was fought when Rome wanted to finally finish off Carthage. The catastrophes at sea in the First Punic War had never in this way struck at the heart of Rome's elite.

There was however another major power in the Mediterranean: Carthage. Hannibal then crossed the Alps and attacked Italy. The two powers eventually went to war.