Body is stocky and 330 mm to 470 mm in length, nose to tail.

White-tailed deer are the same species as those found throughout the eastern United States, but are smaller because they do not need an extra layer of fat to protect them from the winter cold. By contrast, an adult delicate mouse can weigh as little as 6g. The change to the aboriginal name Rakali was intended to foster a positive public attitude by Environment Australia. The head is long with a stunted nose and mouth (muzzle), a straight face and long whiskers. It is one of the largest rodents in Australia, reaching up to 1 kg in weight,is grey-brown above, cream to white below, and has a long, naked tail of which the distal section is white. The coat colour is quite variable, the ears are short with a white patch behind, and the prehensile (gripping) tail has a white tip. Musser and Carleton (2005) divided the Murinae into 29 genus divisions. The Awash multimammate mouse or Awash mastomys (Mastomys awashensis) is a species of rodent in the family Muridae found only in Ethiopia.Phylogentically the Awash multimammate mouse is the sister taxon of the Natal multimammate mouse (M. natalensis), a species found almost everywhere in Africa south of the Sahara and considered a serious agricultural pest throughout its range.

The giant white-tailed rat (Uromys caudimaculatus) is an Australian rodent native to tropical rainforest of north Queensland. This was the totem of the Durrumbul Mob of the Minjungbal People. They have grey-brown hair with a cream underside.

According to certain scientific studies, giant white-tailed rats are part of Australian fauna at least 4 million years (they arrived to Australia from New Guinea). Their webbed back feet allow them to swim quickly through the water and they are typically seen feeding on turtles, fish, and an occasional baby gator.

The Bush Rat is charcoal grey to black or light brown above, cream or white below; has a sleek smooth coat, is grey to grey-brown or reddish above, grey or cream below and has dense soft fur. White-tailed rats cached seeds in both mast and non-mast years, but the time seeds remained on the forest floor and in caches was significantly shorter in non-mast years, suggesting that synchronous seed production increases the probability that some caches survive to germination. The golden belly and white-tail tip – two distinctive traits of the native Water Rat. In search of possible habitats, I ventured into the Mount Archer National Park beside Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

The black rat generally weighs under 300g. A large specimen may weigh 1 kg! Mary Gardner’s excellent article on our rakali, ‘Shy Golden Water Rats’, white tailed water rats, reminded me of a story told to me by our local historian Frank Mills OAM. Nesting occurs in a chamber at the end of the burrow and in times of plenty they can have multiple litters per year. Mystromys albicaudatus is commonly referred to as the white-tailed rat or less frequently the white-tailed mouse. The ears are rounded.

It was here that is the site of the Water Rat ‘Dreaming’. List of Species. The Water-rat is one of Australia's largest rodents and is usually found near permanent bodies of water. Vying for top position, the giant white-tailed rat, water-rat and black-footed tree-rat can all weigh up to 1kg with some male water-rats tipping the scales above that. Brown Rats have short scaly tails, shorter than body (body 18-25 … Well adapted to aquatic life with its webbed hind feet and waterproof coat, the Water-rat can be identified by its large size and long tail with a white tip. As of 2005, the Murinae contain 129 genera in 584 species. Breeding commences in September or October, peaking in December and January at the height of the wet …

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Water-rat fur is moulted twice a year, becoming thicker in winter. The Gunwinggu (Kunwinjku) people of western Arnhem Land call this animal Yirrku.. My mother saw it just a while while getting her water tap. He then took the water and then went out to the tap. Brown Rat, Norway Rat or Water Rat (Rattus norvegicus) is a large sized rat.