At 91 Proof (45%ABV), Forgiven may be less bold than Wild Turkey’s standard 101 Bourbon, but the presence of the high-proof rye recalls the company’s now-discontinued 101 Rye in its flavor. This bourbon has a high rye mashbill and they use a heavy char on the barrels which give it a distinctive wild Turkey flavor profile. The culmination of several decades of Kentucky artisanship, the latest entry – Rare Breed Rye … That dedication can be seen today in expressions, such as Wild Turkey Rye, Wild Turkey 101 Rye, Russell’s Reserve 6-Year-Old Rye, and Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye. A few years back rye saw a big spike in popularity and as a result Wild Turkey 101 Rye fell into short supply. Wild Turkey starting making rye about 25 years or so ago and it was a boutique product compared to the Bourbon side of things. This is my first review and I’m still working on my palate so take it with a grain of salt. The ages won’t be … A true workhorse of the bourbon world and reliably tasty. What the Distillery Says: (Product information is no longer available) What Richard Says: Wild Turkey 101 Rye is one of the standard-bearers of the Kentucky high-corn style rye whiskey along with Rittenhouse BIB and Baby Saz. I haven’t had Wild Turkey 101 in about 3 years, saw it at the liquor store and thought “what the hell why not?” The label says that it’s a high rye Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey aged up to 6-8 years. The Wild Turkey 101 is well known as a solid whiskey and would be high up on most peoples list as a daily drinker. Wild Turkey Rye 101 – Same thoughts as the Bourbon 101… but for a rye. From what I understand, Wild Turkey puts their unaged whiskey into the barrels at a lower proof so when it is bottled, only a little water is needed to get it to 50.5%. Wild Turkey Rye (81 proof) – Same thoughts as the Bourbon 81… but for a rye. They discontinued it for a while in favor of the 81 proof version, but the 101 returned a couple years ago in only the 1 liter size, … Wild Turkey 101 – One of my favorite everyday whiskeys. I love the Wild Turkey Rare Breed and usually have a bottle of this and one of that sat on the shelf. Wild Turkey 101 is Wild Turkey’s higher-proof version of its base bourbon, and one of the more popular ones in the US. Wild Turkey Rye 101. By Richard / April 30, 2013 August 7, 2019 / Review, Rye Whiskey / Stands Out. Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey (Old Version) 50.5% $25 (discontinued) Website. If you like Wild Turkey and are looking for a slight upgrade, you won’t be upset with this. The pepper-encrusted bitter chocolate and black raspberry richness of the classic 101 Rye top a sun-warmed praline, chased by a dash of allspice. Wild Turkey Rare Breed – A mix of 8,10 and 12-year-old whiskey. In 2012 Wild Turkey introduced a younger lower proof rye with its Wild Turkey 81 Rye. You could, alternatively, save some money and do your own “blend” with some $20 Wild Turkey 101 bourbon and some $30 Wild Turkey 101 rye.