Pond damsels have narrow, transparent wings that they hold vertically over their body when they are at rest. Macro of a Damselfly with dew on an aloe flower in the early morning Damselfly. Species: Pseudagrion malabaricum (Fraser, 1924) [Malabar Sprite] LC. 27.

Yellow waxtail or Coromandel Marsh dart is a species of damselfly in the family Coenagrionidae.

The blue damselfly sitting on the blade Blue damselfly macro closeup. I have used Canon EOS 5DSR with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM using 36mm Kenko extension tube. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ceriagrion coromandelianum is a species of damselfly in the family Coenagrionidae. The nymphs in this family are found on submerged vegetation and rocks. 28. No matter that the mosquitoes are eating you alive or the sun is grilling you mercilessly - you have to get that shot! March 19, 2016 March 19, 2016 by Krishna Mohan. Yellow Waxtail (Ceriagrion coromandelianum) Very common damselfly recorded from all areas of the country. This species can be found in South Asian countries such as: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal. INDIAN WILDLIFE. Spotted by Ashutosh Dudhatra. 26. Notes Edit.

Reply Delete. March 19, 2016 March 19, 2016 by Krishna Mohan. You can see all media on Instagram related with Macro Photography from here.
The Yellow waxtail.

49 participants 259 spottings. When you see a dragon or a damsel you have to take a shot of it - no matter if it leads you straight through the swamp or into the pond, through undergrowth, through thorns or nettels.
Ceriagrion coromandelianum. The purpose of the Mission is to document the Dragonflies and Damselflies found in India.

Species: Ceriagrion coromandelianum ( Fabricius, 1798) [Yellow Waxtail] LC.

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The yellow face of the damselfly is a dead giveaway for the Caribbean Yellowface. The Yellow Waxtail was released in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March 2018 along with Garden and the first five Garden species. Reply Delete. Spotted on Jul 21, 2019 Submitted on Jul 21, 2019. Find the perfect yellow damsel stock photo. Trivia Edit. Yellow Waxtail Coromandel Marsh Dart. Tweet; Description: Posting after a long time!A mating pair of Damselfly from Indroda nature park.

In India it is known as the Coromandel Marsh Dart. They are a tropical species that live around ponds in the very south of Texas and Florida.

In Sri Lanka, which is where we found ours, it is called the Yellow Waxtail. The Damselfly is the fifth dragonfly by zoo order. We saw the males at a few locations in Sri Lanka but were able to photograph it only once and that was from our jeep on … Spotted for Missions. Pond damsels can be red, green, blue, purple, orange, or yellow. Download this stock image: Yellow Waxtail - Ceriagrion coromandelianum - D2WREE from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. It is easily distinguished from other damselflies by having bright yellow abdomen of males. Replies. This relatively common damselfly is Coromandel Marsh Dart (Ceriagrion coromandelianum). Fabulous birds, and superb photography. The Damselfly has a deep purple head, covered by short red hair and a comical yellow tiara that looks relatively flat, complete with red edges.

— Please see my website davidcook.com.au for more photos. Those bird nests or so interesting and unusual! Vicki Thursday, February 20, 2020.